About Us - Grabbit

About Us

Our Mission

We bring people together to create world’s 1st and largest shared delivery network. The app enables anyone to shop and deliver on demand. 

Grabbit is a unique service as the network is available any time, anywhere, with no minimum spend.

The Story

We are a group of friends, from the North of Italy, who have moved around the world for studies and work. We bonded over our experiences and realised we all shared a similar difficulty abroad: How do we get everyday products when we are in a new environment? An environment where we had no connections, no knowledge of the local shops and no spare time.

Each of us hoped for a service where we could have a quick delivery for our basic day-to-day products. We envisioned a service where locals could deliver small orders to us right away to wherever we were.
We used our experiences to create an idea for an app that we saw as a solution to the difficulty we had faced. The app would connect people in an area to establish an on-demand delivery network sustained by the community.

Meet The Team

Philip Roell Rainmaker

Jacqueline Phung
Chaos Manager

Alexander Taberner
Tech Wizard
Srishti Sheshadri
Artistic Ninja

Muqaddam Malik
Brand Architect

Sharon Lam
Marketing Guru
Jean Roeting
Sales Genie
Yagmur Ozsoy
Social Media Queen